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LNT #7 - Be Considerate of Other Visitors

Seven Principles….seven lessons! The BeeHive wrapped up their LNT Unit with Leave No Trace Principle #7 - Be Considerate of Other Visitors! This lesson was broken down into two parts! The first part of the session was learning all about this new LNT Principle! Students played a similar game to Pictionary to create discussions around guidelines for different outdoor scenarios! I used this discussion to create a poster we will reference the rest of the school year!

BELOW: A student draws a mountain bike! After each picture was drawn, students created rules and guidelines for showing respect to others recreating in the outdoors! A few other pictures drawn were- horse, a view, tent and a dog! I created a mini activity for each scenario that students enjoyed after each picture presentation. Any guesses to what we talked about for each drawing?

The last part of our day was spent exploring the new ice formations along the edge of the lake! Students noticed patterns, swirls, cracks and exposed “rivers” of running water running from the shore into the lake! They spent time drawing the details in the ice in their journals. We used this time to predict when the lake would be fully frozen over!

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