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What's the word on Ms. Ashlee


Megan F, Program Manager, University of Oregon 

"Working with Ms. Ashlee has been an absolute lifesaver! I work primarily with high school and college students, and have consulted with her on multiple occasions to create engaging and meaningful introduction, team-building, and group training sessions. What makes Ashlee's approach unique is that each activity, lesson, or game builds on the previous one to develop skills and accomplish your specific learning goals. I highly recommend Ms. Ashlee and BEES"


Mary L, Parent

"Ashlee is special, because she engages children in a way that they don't even realize they are learning; the kids are actually having fun, meanwhile as a by-product, they are absorbing all this knowledge Ashlee introduces to them. What a wonderful gift to be so inspirational to children!


As affable as Ashlee is, she is always prepared, the tasks are well planned and she is reliable"


Stacey B, Kindergarten Teacher

"Ashlee develops wonderful rapport with people of all ages, especially children.  Her ability to meaningfully connect with students and her love for the outdoors is demonstrated through her teaching.   She has a positive attitude, an eagerness for success, and an enthusiasm for student's learning."

Hannah S, K12 Teacher, Co-Teacher 

"Ms. Ashlee is a passionate and dedicated educator. Her lessons are engaging, rigorous, and fosters a love for learning. She is an adaptable teacher who works hard to meet the needs of all her students". 


Tara S, Co-Instructor, The Outdoor School

"Ashlee’s boundless creativity and infectious positivity makes her one of the best teachers I have ever worked with. She taught me how to adapt to my environment as well as different styles of learning. I will always admire Ashlee’s ability to captivate her audience and come up with the most fun and inventive ways to teach her lessons. She is truly passionate about what she does and continues her own education to be the very best she can be for her students. With Ashlee, you will be getting one of the most hard working, compassionate, and talented teachers in outdoor education!"

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