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Leave No Trace (LNT) #1- Plan Ahead

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

A perfect first backyard session for my BEEHIVE pod! We learned the importance of being prepared when recreating in the outdoors. The students were introduced to the Leave No Trace Principles (very different from a principal) by studying the first guideline-- which is all about preparation for an outdoor adventure. We looked at the outdoor essentials that a person should have on them, did some team-building activities and our big activity - studied maps!

MAPS: In this photo a student is excited to point out the different ways roads are labeled on the map!

Each student was given a map of a different area and told to make three observations about their map to share during a "gallery style" walk. I used these maps to help students brainstorm things that should be on the ones they would create later that day - Title, Legend, Compass Rose, Scale, ect. Many students were excited to see signs for things they recognized like boat ramps, campsites and dirt bike trails while others were curious about all the lines and colors.

To end our session, students created a map of our journey for the day. The younger students had to add pictures, a few labels and a title to their map while the older students had to include everything from the legend to the compass. Their homework assignment for the week was to create a map of their neighborhood or an area they visit that week.

Communication and Cooperation is key when 'Meeting A Tree' activity takes place!

Resource -- REI has a great page on the different essentials a person should carry when recreating outdoors! This is how I created my props for the Essentials Charades activity.

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