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What will this blog be about?

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Have you ever heard of a pandemic pod? What about a 'quaranteam'? Many families made the decision to take their kids out of school this fall and follow either an online curriculum with the school or enroll in different home-school programs. With so much screen time and children's social emotional needs not being fully met, families are pooling together resources to create small group learning opportunities for their kids. That is where I come in! Once a week I take a small group of elementary school students in the local state park and teach them different environmental education topics! I work closely with the parents to create fun, active lessons that still meet state standards (NGSS, Common Core, ect) and the needs of the home-school program they are enrolled in.

Through this blog I will share some of my themes and activities, resources that I use, and any other outdoor teaching tips. For the first quarter of the school year I chose to have the students learn about the 7 Leave No Trace Principles (LNT). Each week I will focus my outdoor day with the students on a new LNT principle and share what we did on here! If you are interested in incorporating some LNT lessons into your household or classroom, send me an email at!

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